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About ERoofPro

ERoofPro is a mobile app that connects homeowners and roofing contractors. It solves several time-consuming problems for both the contractor and the homeowner.


If you are a homeowner you can face a lot of problems trying to choose an authentic and capable roofing contractor. If your roof is need of repair or replacement, you don’t want to be searching for weeks trying to find a reputable roofing contractor with an affordable quote. This is something that needs to be taken care promptly before your home becomes damaged by a leaky roof.

ERoofPro is the solution to the problem of getting your roof fixed in a timely and affordable manner. Our mobile app allows homeowners to very quickly find local contractors that can provide prompt, reliable service. No need for endless searches online, no need for background checks, no need to worry about getting involved with fly by night contractors, and – no annoying sales calls.

Free Measurements

Contractors need accurate measurements of a roof to make an accurate estimate of the job. Before ERoofPro, a roofer needed to go to a home and take measurements. ERoofPro automatically takes care of the roof measurements using EagleView, a provider of aerial measurements. You get a Free EagleView Quick Squares Report of your roof for the first time when you sign up.

Based on the results of these very accurate roof measurements, ERoofPro generates three different levels of proposals, good – better – and best. You them select the proposal that best matches your needs.

Attention Roofing Contractors

Say goodbye to wild goose chases! No more chasing down clients to get new business. ERoofPro makes it much simpler to acquire new business. A homeowner selects you through the ERoofPro app, and then you just bid on the proposal you received and are notified of the outcome. Go meet your potential client in person to finalize your contract. It’s that simple!

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By simply using a mobile app, you get potential contracts. You win the job via the app and all you need to do next is go and meet your potential client in person to finalize your contract.

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