ERoofPro: Our Story

We started ERoofPro because we had access to EagleView aerial roof measurements and wanted a smart way to use the data. We soon realized that when accurate roof square footage is made available to contractors, it’s easy for them to provide an estimate.

Why drive from house to house to meet customers, risk falling off the roof when taking measurements and take time out of homeowners’ busy schedules? Everyone wants a faster and easier way.

That’s where the idea for ERoofPro, the world’s first and only mobile roof estimator app, started.

Why It Worked

Our concept worked because ERoofPro offers benefits for all users: it’s a win-win app for both homeowners and contractors.

Homeowners get accurate measurements, straightforward pricing and a shortlist of local contractors who are willing to do the job for the price pre-generated by the app based on accurate measurements. No wasted time, no annoying sales calls.

Contractors, on the other hand, get to say goodbye to wild goose chases. When your average roofer uses Internet-generated leads, they typically get bogus ones that cost $150 on average. ERoofPro’s direct, client-to-contractor lead generation allows roofers to bid on the lead based on how large the job is. No other marketing tool can guarantee hot leads that offer a full 33.33% chance to win the job every time.

Without fail, every contractor to whom we’ve introduced ourselves and our app loves the idea of using EagleView technology to measure roofs. ERoofPro’s pre-generated proposals also allow them proper revenue while ensuring homeowners get fair pricing. Everybody wins!

ERoofPro is available in the USA and Canada.

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The Roofing App

The app makes getting a roof estimate and proposal faster and easier

In less than one hour you will have a roof report( measurements),3 proposals ( good , better & best pricing) & a list of roofing contractors closest to the house.
In fact the process was completed in 17 minutes
Value is in utilizing Eagleview as a third party to Measure the roof
They set the standards and Ariel measurements, In US and Canada

Everyone wants a faster & easier way!

Win-Win platform for contractors
They receive the roof report and then get awarded the job

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