Residential Sales and Estimating Benefits of ERoofPro

Your roofing company’s success depends on your ability to efficiently procure and install jobs. Finding residential roofing jobs requires using different strategies to get your company in front of the homeowner and get them to spend money on a roof.

As a business owner, you want to devote your time to selling and completing jobs, not spending a lot of time on online marketing.

If you are a roofing contractor who’s marketing dollars have not been delivering results, then ERoofPro offers a solution to this common problem for local business owners.

Targeted Local Customers

ERoofPro has simplified and improved roofing contractor marketing by allowing you to get new targeted leads and potential contracts delivered right to your phone. You don’t have to go out and spend time and money looking for them – they come to you.

ERoofPro provides a list of local contractors in proximity to the homeowner, so you know they are near you and good candidates for your services. This is local marketing at its best with ERoofPro.

More Willing Leads

Since these local homeowners are given a choice of only 3 local contractors, you have a 33.33% chance of winning the contract. Those aren’t bad odds. Much better than going door to door or waiting for customers to call you after doing random searches online.

Moreover, you don’t have to try to sell them on getting roof work done because they are already looking for a roofer.

Easy Measuring and Estimating

Roofing contractors struggle with the process of measuring roofs accurately and safely. Going to the homeowner’s house, climbing ladders, trying to measure angles on a sloped roof, is not only dangerous but time-consuming.

ERoofPro simplifies the way a contractor goes about getting the information they need to make an accurate estimate of the job. You will get accurate roof measurements you can count on the easy way with EagleView. All from the comfort and safety of your office.

You get a hassle free detailed report complete with guaranteed length, area and pitch measurements. EagleView combines the latest aerial technology with a 5-stage quality process that ensures precision accuracy on every report.

No need to go to a home and take measurements. This saves time, gas money and doesn’t take you away from an on-going project. If you can measure and calculate estimates more efficiently, this leaves more time to complete jobs and do more estimates.

Start growing your business now!

If ERoofPro sounds like something that could really help you grow your roofing business and make life easier for you, then please call for more information at 844-932-7663 or fill out our contact form.