ERoofPro: The First & Only Roof Proposal App for Home Owners

Finding a qualified contractor for your roofing job has just gotten easier! With ERoofPro, you get:

Free Roof Measurements

ERoofPro is a free roof measuring tool: you receive an EagleView Report of the selected roof, completely free of charge, when you sign up for the first time. Based on these measurements, the app generates proposals with straightforward pricing.

EagleView Technologies, the pioneer in high-resolution aerial capture technology, is what’s behind ERoofPro’s accurate roof measurement capabilities. Check out this video to learn more about EagleView.

Time Savings

Say goodbye to the days when you had to run after contractors to get accurate roof measurements. ERoofPro does it all for you!

Not only do you get your measurements quickly and efficiently, you also save time on contractor background checks. ERoofPro verifies the authenticity of all the contractors in our system so you can focus on getting your roofing job done without the added worry and hassle.

Local Results

ERoofPro understands how important quick access is to the success of any roofing job.

When you enter your address into the app, you’ll receive a list of nearby roofers. ERoofPro finds you authentic, capable contractors located within a 50-mile radius of your address, sorted according to proximity.

No Annoying Sales Calls

By streamlining and automating the contractor selection process, ERoofPro saves you the annoyance and hassle of random sales calls from roofers.

You have the power to pick a contractor you know is willing to work on your roof for an agreed-upon price, even before the first call!

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When we say “Roofing Made Easy”, we mean it!

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