ERoofPro: The First & Only Roof Proposal App for Contractors

Connecting with local customers and submitting bids has never been this easy! With ERoofPro, you get:


Say goodbye to the days when you had to chase home owners to get new business. ERoofPro simplifies your life and saves you precious work hours.

When a home owner selects you through ERoofPro, all you need to do is submit a bid and wait to be notified of the outcome. The app gives the home owner a maximum of three contractors to choose from, which gives you a full 33.33% chance to win the job.


New contracts just by using a mobile app? The ERoofPro platform makes it possible.

Signing up for the app connects you with targeted leads. When you win a bid on a roofing job, all you need to do is go and meet your potential client in person to finalize your contract.


When a home owner selects you from a pool of local contractors, you receive an EagleView measurement report and a pre-generated proposal. Use the information you’re given to submit a bid in the $50 to $250 range to win the project.

EagleView Technologies is a pioneer in aerial imagery and data analytics and is the power behind ERoofPro’s pinpoint-accurate roof measurement capabilities. They provide two kinds of reports: Quick Square Report, which can be received in an hour’s time, and Premium Report, which can be received within a day.

Learn more about EagleView here.


Targeted leads and better, more informed bids: both of these contribute to an increase in your potential contracts.

With ERoofPro extending your reach to local customers at the point of sale, you get to focus more of your time, energy, and resources on improving your operations and serving your customers.

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